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Podcast Roundup: The Best Podcasts for ChangeMakers

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Are you a ChangeMaker? Do you want to make a difference in the world and take action? There is so much information out there that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or where to place your focus. That is why we are doing a “podcast roundup” of what we think are some of the best podcasts out there right now for ChangeMakers. A ChangeMaker can be someone that makes a difference for People, Place, or Planet in many different areas, including climate action, wellbeing, humanitarianism, arts & culture, and more!

We have chosen a selection of podcasts that cover different areas of ChangeMaking so you can learn more about the area that you are most interested in…


Rethinking Podcast

1. The New Humanitarian The New Humanitarian Podcast aims to rethink humanitarianism by providing an inside look at the conflicts and natural disasters that leave millions of people in need each year, and the policies and people who respond to them. We feel that this podcast would be of particular interest to ChangeMakers who are interested in volunteering and those who follow organisations such as Choose Love and Amnesty International.


2. The Ashoka Systems Change Podcast

Ashoka is an exceptional organisation who have helped to define the role of ChangeMakers globally. This podcast discusses how ChangeMakers can work WITH the government to make lasting change. Ashoka believes that “we can all have more impact together if we work systematically”.

We believe this podcast is fantastic for ChangeMakers of all areas of interest whose core desire is to help make lasting change.

Change the world

3. Ways to Change the World

Hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy, this podcast poses the question: “how can you change the world?” Each week, Krishnan is joined by a guest to explore big ideas that influence how we think, act, and live. Some recent podcast episodes cover topics such as forest restoration, the power of music, and toxic masculinity - to name a few.


4. ChangeMakers Podcast

The ChangeMakers podcast tells stories about people who are striving for social change across the world.

They have two different formats of episodes:

Stories - which dive into social change campaigns around the world, animated with a variety of voices in order to tell a gripping narrative about how change is made

ChangeMaker Chats - which interview people who make change - including their story and theories of ChangeMaking.

This is an excellent podcast for hearing from other ChangeMakers and getting inspired to take action!

Force of Nature

5. The Force of Nature Podcast

Force of Nature, founded by young climate activist and ChangeMaker Clover Hogan, helps young people turn climate anxiety into action, and work with leaders to drive intergenerational solutions. With new episodes every Thursday, the podcast explores a different face of the climate crisis, through the lens of our mental health: from the food we eat, to our relationship with media, and our addiction to fossil fuels.

Force of Nature is a fantastic source of information for people who want to take meaningful action for our climate.


6. The RegenNarration Podcast

The RegenNarration podcast features the stories of a generation that is changing the story, enabling the regeneration of life on this planet.

Created and hosted by Anthony James, each episode features a high profile and grass-roots leader who speaks on how they're changing the stories we live by, and the systems we create in their mould. The latest episode is a fascinating listen that features Jeff Pow on how a regenerative, cruelty-free food system thrives or folds.


All of the podcasts mentioned above are fantastic for ChangeMakers of all ages, interests, and walks of life. There are so many more great podcasts that we could have mentioned in this post, so if you want to see more then leave a comment! The Human Hive has a podcast for ChangeMakers. Each episode is joined by a fascinating guest speaker who is making change in their field. Topics we have covered include, arts & culture, responsible consumption and production, climate action, global partnerships, and many more! You can listen to all episodes now:

Happy listening! :)

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Megan Bay Dorman
Megan Bay Dorman
Jun 15, 2023

This is a fantastic list, thank you! I'll check these out 😀

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